I am moving to Pittsburgh in less than two days. Whoa. I am very excited, but must also confess a bit of apprehension. I suppose a little anxiety is always normal before an adventure begins. I hope to keep you all posted with the cools sites and people I get to meet there, as well as some of my thoughts and writings and such.

This last week, I've been working on a story for the Esquire Fiction Contest. It's a pretty cool idea. Writers have to choose from one of three titles and then write a piece to fit it. I am very excited about the story idea I had. Really, I haven't been this excited about a story in a while--then again, I'm sure I say that about every story I write. ;-)
Even, my little brother, Drew, got in on the action. He chose the same title as me: "Twenty-ten". I gave him my old laptop, and you should have seen him! We were sitting together on my bed, with our laptops balanced on our thighs, typing furiously at the keys, both writing our stories. I was so happy.
I hope to make a writer of him yet. Or at the very least, another creative mind for this world. Lord, knows this world needs them.


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